Purchasing Premium Domains: Tips, Tricks and Other Important Things to Know

Purchasing Premium Domains: Tips, Tricks and Other Important Things to Know

You may have heard about premium domains and might even know someone who has purchased one. But do you know how to buy a premium domain? Are you aware of the benefits of owning a premium domain? Do you know where to find opportunities to purchase one? If not, read on for more details. Domains are the addresses that we use to connect with websites. They are like phone numbers or email addresses. Some domains are extremely common and can be used by anyone, while some other domains are rarer because they have been registered by particular individuals or companies with the intention of reselling them at an increased price. These domains are known as premium domains and they often come with a hefty price tag as well.

What are Premium Domains?

Premium domains are domains that are rare and/or valuable. It is possible to determine the degree of rarity and value of a given domain name by checking to see if it is listed on any of the following websites (see also Domain Authority): - DomainMarket: The best place to start is the DomainMarket list of the Top 1,000 domain names. This is a list of all the top domain names in existence based on how many are registered and how many are owned. The list is updated daily based on those numbers. - DN Journal: This site lists domain names that have recently changed hands or been added to a portfolio. - NameBio: This site lists domain names that have recently changed hands or been re-listed. - Sedo: This site is a marketplace for domain names.

Why are Premium Domains Important?

Premium domains have a number of benefits, which include: - Better Rankings: A premium domain name is more likely to be indexed and ranked by the search engines. This is because the search engines favor these domains and because they are less competitive than other non-premium domains. - Brand Recognition: Premium domains can increase your brand recognition. If a visitor likes your content and wants to remember your domain name, it can be frustrating to have to type the full URL out each time. - Opportunity Cost: If you own a non-premium domain, then you are missing out on an opportunity cost. - Sale Price: If you ever decide to sell your website, then the sale price is often a function of the domain name.

How to Buy a Premium Domain?

There are three ways to buy a premium domain: - Buy Direct: You can contact the current owner directly and try to negotiate a price. Keep in mind that the owner has likely invested significant time and money in the domain name, so the price might be high. - Name Squatting: You can engage in name squatting by trying to purchase a domain name that has not yet been registered. You likely won’t know exactly who the owner is, but you might be able to track down their contact information. - Premium Domain Name Brokers: You can use a premium domain name broker to help you find potential opportunities and negotiate a deal. Keep in mind that a broker might charge you a fee for their services. - Domain Name Auctions: Some premium domain name auctions exist online. - Direct Offers: You can also try making a direct offer to the current owner. - Offer Expiration: Some domains have an expiration date listed. This could be a sign that the owner is open to selling.

Advantages of Owning a Premium Domain

If you are able to secure a premium domain from one of the following websites, then you can expect the following benefits: - A Higher Price: Even if you don’t plan to sell your website, a premium domain can be a great investment because you can charge a higher price in the future. - Better SEO: A premium domain can help you rank better in search engines because the search engines favor these domains. - Better Brand Recognition: A premium domain can help you build better brand recognition. - Higher Authority: Having a premium domain can increase your authority on the web.

Where to Find Premium Domains for Sale?

You can find premium domains for sale on different websites. Here are some of the best places to look: - NameBio: This domain name trading site is the best place for finding premium domain names for sale. - Sedo: Another good place to look for premium domain names for sale is the Sedo marketplace. - Private Domain Brokers: You may also be able to find a few private domain brokers who will sell you a premium domain. - Premium Domain Name Auctions: You can find auctions for a variety of premium domain names at various websites. - Premium Domain Name Expiration Pages: You can also find domains expiring soon on the various expiration pages.


If you are looking to build a website or a business, purchasing a premium domain name can be a great investment. Premium domains are likely to have better rankings, better brand recognition, and more traffic than non-premium domains. However, they can be quite expensive, so you may want to consider one of the above methods for finding a potential opportunity. With a premium domain, you can create a strong brand with a memorable URL that will help you to stand out from your competitors.