Terms of Services

Terms of Services

LAST UPDATED: May 27, 2022

Welcome to DomainsMuseum.com, a web-based museum that permits outsider vendors to list their digital assets like websites & Domains.

1. Protection

If it's not too much trouble, audit our Privacy Policy and Cookies and Tracking Policy, which likewise administer your utilization of the Domain's Museum Services, to get our practices. Domain's Museum will gather your own data including your name, and contact. All private data will be taken care of, utilized, kept up with, and unveiled by Domain's Museum as per all appropriate security regulations and information insurance regulations as well as our Privacy Policy which applies every now and then. Except if independently concurred between you and another purchaser or vendor, you should not involve their own data for some other reason. You warrant to Domain's Museum that you will conform to all security regulations and information assurance regulations according to the capacity, use, and movement of individual data.

2. Electronic Communication
Whenever you utilize the Domain's Museum Services or send messages, instant messages, or other correspondence from your work area or cell phone to us, you are speaking with us electronically. We will speak with you electronically in an assortment of ways, for example, by email, text, or correspondence by means of our conversation discussion.

3. Copyright and Other Rights
All satisfied remembered for or made accessible by Domain's Museum, for example, text, designs, logos, button symbols, pictures, video and brief snippets, advanced downloads and information gatherings is the property of Domain's Museum and is safeguarded by Australian and global copyright and creators' privileges regulations and (where pertinent) data set right regulations.

Other than to the degree needed to involve the Domain's Museum Services for their allowed purposes and as per these Terms, you may not duplicate, remove and additionally re-use any satisfied of Domain's Museum without our express composed assent, including, without constraint, any postings, depictions, costs and record data. Specifically, you may not use any information mining, robots, or comparative information social occasion and extraction instruments to extricate (whether once or ordinarily) for re-usage any significant pieces of the Domain's Museum Services or their substance.

4. Your Account
By enlisting and making a record with Domain's Museum, you address and warrant that you are more than 18 years old and you can frame legitimately official arrangements under appropriate regulation. Assuming you are enlisting a record for a business, association or other lawful substance, you address and warrant that you have the power to tie that element legitimately. Except if approved by Domain's Museum recorded as a hard copy, you might have just a single record, except if approved by Domain's Museum recorded as a hard copy.

You are liable for keeping up with the privacy of your record and secret word. But to the degree brought about by our break of these Terms, you are liable for movements of every sort that happen under your record whether or not the exercises are approved by you or attempted by you. Domain's Museum isn't answerable for unapproved admittance to or utilization of your secret key or record. You ought to do whatever it takes to guarantee that your secret key is kept classified and secure and ought to illuminate us right away assuming you have any motivation to accept that your secret phrase has become known to any other individual, or on the other hand assuming that your secret phrase is being, or alternately is probably going to be utilized in an unapproved way. You should guarantee that the subtleties you give to us are right and finish and illuminate us regarding any changes. You can access and refresh specific data you have given to us by means of your record dashboard.

Assuming that we have worries with your record, or action connecting with your record, or on the other hand assuming you are in break of appropriate regulations or these Terms, we maintain all authority to make a move for you as per these Terms, including without constraint by (a) denying assistance, (b) suspending or limiting admittance to your record, (c) ending your record, or (d) eliminating or altering content you post utilizing your record. The move we choose to make and any notification you might get will differ contingent upon the Domain's Museum Services, the conditions, and our evaluation of applicable elements.

5. Domain's Museum's Role
Domain's Museum permits outsider merchants to rundown and sell their resources utilizing Domain's Museum Services. Domain's Museum doesn't possess, make, sell, exchange, give, control, offer or convey postings or the resources contained in that. The significant vender is shown on the individual posting page. While Domain's Museum works with exchanges that are done on the Website, Domain's Museum isn't a purchaser or vendor in any exchange including the dealer's resources or some other exchange among clients of the Services.

Domain's Museum gives a road to dealers and purchasers to arrange and finish exchanges. Likewise, the agreement consented to by the merchants and purchasers with respect to the vendor's resources is exclusively between the purchaser and dealer. Domain's Museum isn't involved with this agreement and takes on no obligation emerging out of or regarding the agreement as well as the exchange. Domain's Museum doesn't go about as a specialist for the purchaser or vendor. The vendor is exclusively liable for the offer of their resources and the purchaser is exclusively answerable for the acquisition of the resources.

By utilizing the Services, purchaser and vendor recognize that in case of a debate between a purchaser and dealer, Domain's Museum isn't involved with any exchange among the gatherings and in this way will avoid any such question, besides as follows. Purchaser and dealer recognize and concur that Domain's Museum may, after getting notice of a question from one or the other party, and simply before the transportation or potentially conveyance of the resources or for any reason were coming up next is absurd, pick in its sole and outright caution to drop the exchange. In such an occasion purchaser and dealer recognize and concur that neither one of the gatherings will have any reason for activity against Domain's Museum and in the occasion either party ought to seek after case against Domain's Museum the non-contesting party will hold Domain's Museum innocuous as per proviso 22.

Domain's Museum isn't answerable for:

(a) the presence, quality, appropriateness of lawfulness of a recorded resource;
(b) reality, precision or culmination of the data contained in a posting;
(c) the future presentation of a recorded resource;
(d) the presentation or direct of a purchaser or vendor or outsider on the Website; as well as
(e) the quality, reasonableness or capacity of an outsider which gives labor and products to Domain's Museum or to a purchaser or merchant.

Your choice to buy a recorded resource will be founded exclusively on your own examination and that of your legitimate, charge and different guides. You acknowledge sole liability regarding inspecting and researching a resource and all data in a posting. This incorporates, however, isn't restricted to, related liabilities, fiscal reports, government forms and some other realities or data which might affect your choice to buy that recorded resource and the value you will pay. You comprehend that Domain's Museum might show just an outline portrayal of a recorded resource.

6. Posting Rules
The accompanying resources might be recorded available to be purchased on Domain's Museum:

(a) all detail and reference to records contained in a site or an application, including yet not restricted to, the HTML, the code base, other source code, logos, pictures, music, liveliness, films and different media, licenses and different works related with the site or the application;
(b) any freedoms and commitments under or corresponding to a concurrence with an outsider connecting with resources which might incorporate, yet isn't restricted to facilitating arrangements, installment supplier arrangements, offshoot arrangements and dealer arrangements;
(c) a brand name connecting with a business, including any enrolled brand names indicated in the posting;
(d) any records;
(e) generally, privileges to a space name;
(f) some other reported resource including stock or other arrangement basic to the deal and
progressing worry of a business, including lawful arrangements, work understanding, renting arrangements and different arrangements; and
(g) some other points of interest determined as being sold as a feature of a posting.

For the aversion of uncertainty, Domain's Museum doesn't advance, energize or work with the offer of protections utilizing Domain's Museum Services.

Whenever you make a posting, you will be approached to give total and exact data about your resource, including, however not restricted to a business portrayal and current and authentic monetary information. You are answerable for your posting and staying up with the latest consistently. You will likewise be approached to set an asking cost for your resources/s, either a set cost on account of a fixed-cost posting or a beginning cost, hold cost, and discretionary get it presently cost, on account of a bartering design posting. Kindly know that Domain's Museum may, in its only carefulness, keep you from posting your resource available to be purchased, or suspend a current posting, assuming it thinks about that as a cost set is preposterous or not lined up with market esteem.

7. Posting Types
Domain's Museum empowers two sorts of postings - sell off design postings and fixed-cost postings.

With a proper cost posting, any purchaser can propose to buy the resource contained in a posting. A proposition should be put on the posting. A dealer can acknowledge, reject or counter any proposition. Assuming you are a purchaser and have set a proposition, you recognize and concur that should the dealer acknowledge that proposition, you are resolving to buy the resource and might be expected to pay for it. Assuming you are a merchant and have acknowledged a proposition, you recognize and concur that you are resolving to offer the recorded resource for the purchaser.

With a bartering design posting, a vendor will acknowledge offers from purchasers for a foreordained measure of time - for the most part 30 days. For a bid to be legitimate, it should be higher than the beginning cost or then-current bid. Toward the finish of the sale, the resource subject of the posting will be pronounced offered to the most noteworthy bidder, gave their bid surpasses the hold cost set by the vendor. Would it be advisable for you to win the barter, you concur that you are resolving to buy the recorded resource and might be expected to pay for it?

Our Fees

8. Listing Fees
You will be charged a posting expense when you list a resource available to be purchased. For current expenses, if it's not too much trouble, see Domain's Museum Pricing. You may be charged an expense for making a posting; there is no charge for altering a posting. You will be charged an expense if the recorded resource sells. It is non-refundable to List expenses.
You might drop your posting or record whenever by messaging sales@domainsmuseum.com and afterward adhering to the particular guidelines shown to you in Domain's Museum's reaction.

9. Success Fees
Assuming you effectively offer a recorded resource for a mindful purchaser of your posting or potentially associates or draws in with you through Website, you consent to pay Domain's Museum a triumph expense which is determined as a level of the complete exchange worth or last deal cost paid by the purchaser for your recorded resource (counting any appropriate charges). For current charges, kindly see our Success Fee Page. Our prosperity charge is non-debatable and non-refundable. Domain's Museum maintains whatever authority is needed to change the achievement expense whenever and will furnish you with sufficient notification of those changes before they become compelling.

10. Credits and Refunds
Assuming Domain's Museum issues you a discount, that discount will be paid to you utilizing a similar installment technique you used to pay Domain's Museum. Domain's Museum might discount a measure of paid by you assuming you are qualified for a discount as per these Terms or Domain's Museum is legally necessary or thinks about that it is legally necessary to do as such. Domain's Museum's assurance concerning whether a discount is required is conclusive and indisputable and may not be tested by you.

You might procure focuses or credits for your movement on the Website. These credits are not identical to any cash. They may, nonetheless, be utilized to pay for Domain's Museum Services as per rules indicated by Domain's Museum occasionally. You can't utilize credits to buy a recorded resource. The equilibrium of any credits held by you might be diminished out of the blue by Domain's Museum for any sum owing by you to Domain's Museum regardless at all remembering for connection to remunerating Domain's Museum for any misfortune that it decides (in its sole and outright prudence) it has endured because of any break of these Terms. The equilibrium of credits held by you will lapse a year from the date that you last utilized any credits. Balances of your credits that are not spent inside this year time span are lost. You recognize and concur that Domain's Museum isn't at risk to you for any unapproved withdrawals or unapproved expenditure of your credits, including where such withdrawal or spend emerges from any unapproved use or access of your record.

11. Whole Agreement
These Terms generally overrides earlier portrayals, courses of action, understandings, and arrangements between the gatherings connecting with the topic and presents the whole and elite understanding and understanding between the gatherings.